XX: Playing Street Art

03.06 - 13.06.2021
Chetverg foundation, Moscow, Russia
Dinara Hörtnagl, Stas Bags, Nikita Dusto, Oskolki, Nikolay Super, Maxim Ima, Vladimir Abikh, Aroe Atas, Sasha Sam, Turben, Ivan Simonov.
Dinara Hörtnagl creates a play space where street art is freed from the censorship of society, but at the same time is limited by the conditions set by the artist.

Twelve canvases-installations repeat the shape of Petersburg houses and offer a side view of the synthesis of the city and street art.  Street artists applied graffiti / street art on top of each canvas depicting a house.  Now the viewer, together with the artist, can reassemble the visual context of the city and understand by what rules street art exists.
The exhibition "XX: Playing Street Art" is the first opportunity to see the entire project "Talking Walls" by Dinara Hörtnagl in Moscow.

Opening program includes:
Collective performance with the participation of Dinara Hörtnagl;
An interview with Lida BIRDLY, a street artist and co-organizer of the Mesto street art festival, about how street art projects shape the city's cultural environment;
Screening of the film "Art for Me, Vandalism for You", created specially for the exhibition, in which the participants of the Talking Walls project Skirl, Colin Linde,  Maxim Ima, Stas Bags, Martin Aroe , Dusto, Ivan Simonov, Vladimir Abikh reflect  the role of street art in people's lives;
Public talk "Art for me, vandalism for you: the role of a street artist today." Participants: Stepan Krasnov, Sasha BLA, Kirill Kto , Ivan Simonov.
 DJ set from  Salima Safarova