by Dinara Hörtnagl

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I founded my painting and drawing studio ART YOU LOVE STUDIO in 2015 in St. Petersburg, now it is open to everyone in Vienna. In my studio you can study painting in the style of realism and academic drawing to the high standards of classical art education.  I base my teaching method on the knowledge that I acquired at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.

Students of the studio actively participate in exhibitions, visit art residences around the world, hold personal exhibitions, publish publications in the press, their works are sold at major Art fairs in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the USA. Group exhibitions of the studio were held at The Gallery Steiner (Vienna), Concept Store (Vienna), Sberbank Europe AG (Vienna), Das Konzept (Vienna).

A personalized learning approach allows you to join our community at any skill level.  The studio trains both: completely beginners "from scratch" and professional artists to improve their skills.


Lessons are held in a studio in the 5th district of Vienna and remotely via Skype. The current schedule can be found by contacting Dinara via WhatsApp or via social networks.

All materials except canvases are included in the price.  Canvases can be brought with you or bought  in the studio (Prices:  from 5€ to 15€ depending on the size of the canvas).

4-hour group lesson:

55 €

2-hour group lesson:

30 €

Skype lesson cost:

15 € / per hour

individual lesson: in the studio

25 € / hour

individual lesson:  with a visit to the house within the city

35 € / hour