Room for two

24.06 - 24.07.2014
Open Club Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The exhibition opens the program of support for young authors "Young OK 2014" . The exposition will include works from different years: city and country landscapes of Dinara and a small decorative sculpture made of chamotte and bronze by Olga Khan. "Chamotte does not tolerate subtle details, asks for streamlining. And bronze, on the contrary, allows you to mock yourself as you want, ” says Olga Khan.

Dinara Nurmiova writes in a realistic manner, giving preference to landscapes and still lifes. In her work there is no protest or appeal, through the paintings the artist wants to convey her feelings and share her love of life.  

Artist Dinara Nurimova in 2013 graduated from the graphic faculty of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I. E. Repina (Russian Academy of Arts). Dinara is a laureate of several art competitions, including international ones, as well as a participant in more than fifty exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in China, the USA, Russia and France, as well as in several museums, including the A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye" and the Konstantinovsky Palace.

Sculptor Olga Khan graduated from the Moscow State University Service (Department of Fine and Applied Arts) and has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (sculpture section) for 13 years. Olga regularly takes part in collective exhibitions, and also held a number of personal ones. The "Young OK" program is held annually from June to August and is a show of art by young authors in order to support and present them to the audience. In 2014, the Program is being held at the Open Club Gallery for the third time.