14.04 - 14.08.2017, Vyborg, Russia
State Museum "Vyborg Castle", Vyborg, Russia
The Geometry exhibition is dedicated to geometric shapes. A complex shape, consists of simple ones - a circle, a square, a triangle. These are the basic forms that form the reality of the modern city. Windows, blocks, panels, walls are squares. Complex architecture of houses, these are circles and triangles. And even the sky, which is divided by wires, becomes a geometric shape. Petersburg is a huge system. In it, every single element, every gear is extremely important. And, of course, a certain balance must be observed here, which not everyone can notice.

Dinara Hörtnagl (Nurimova) was able to discern the harmony inherent only in cities behind the daily routine, the haste and longing for fresh air, which is customary for the city people. On her paintings, the geometry of houses and all sorts of outbuildings forms lines similar to the "Golden Section". They seem to float in the air, they are unchanging and beautiful in their imperfection.  The artist does not pursue an ideal. She finds inspiration in urban landscapes. Arches, courtyards, wells, asphalt roads, the Moon, carefully observing everyone from above, glass facades and a mirror-like surface of the most ordinary puddles - this is where a true artist can discern harmony and balance.  “On the streets of the city, in the facades and windows of houses, in Petersburg courtyards and on wide embankments, I am looking for beauty. Experiencing and enjoying it is the meaning of life for me. My works carry the ideas of aestheticism, which is characterized by the "pursuit of the experience of the beautiful," abstractly and vaguely understandable. "