City. St-Petersburg

10.05 - 20.07.2018, St-Petersburg, Russia
Dinara Hörtnagl (Nurimova) and Ksenia Romanovich
The "CITY" project of the St. Petersburg artist Dinara Hörtnagl (Nurimova) and the architect Ksenia Romanovich was shown in March 2018 in Paris at the 59 Rivoli gallery and is now returning to St. Petersburg.  The exhibition has been finalized and supplemented with new works and installations and will be presented to the public for the first time on May 19 at the METROPOLIS by Francesco Attolini gallery under the supervision of the DAS agency.  The CITY project addresses the theme of the modern metropolis.  The curators chose Joseph Brodsky's poem "Architecture" as the leitmotif for the exhibition. The artists presented their vision of this topic through the stylistics of the city landscape, full-scale travel sketches, and installations.  "CITY" is two points of view, two perceptions of the urban space of the artist and the architect.  And in order to draw attention to the details and life of the city, the curators offer visitors on the opening day to go through a quest for the exposition using modern AR technologies.  

DAS (Dedicated Art Souls) is an agency for organizing and holding exhibitions, festivals, presentations in the field of art.  The main goal of the project is to support contemporary art and young artists.  The founders of the project, art critics: Christina Wagner and Anna Zachinyaeva-Tsvetkova.