22.06. - 31.08.2016
Artmuza Loft, Saint Petersburg, Russia
A balanced state is a feeling of being in harmony with oneself and nature, happiness from accepting life and people, a desire to create. Through her works, Dinara Nurimova strives to share her understanding of the world with others and tell about the beauty of simple things. Exposition “Balanced State” includes the urban landscapes of Dinara Nurimova related to the cycles “City labyrinths”, “Facades of Barcelona”, “Silence”, “China ... Beihai ”and“ Scenery ”.

As you can see from the titles, many of the works were created by the artist during her creative trips. Complementing the exhibition canvases from the series "313" dedicated to St. Petersburg. Nurimova studied at the Academy of Arts, where her teachers were Pavel Tatarnikov, Andrei Pakhomov, Andrei Sklyarenko. In 2015, she became a finalist of the "Muse Must Work" competition